Comet Pose Reader / Pose Deformer for Maya 2017 / Mac OSComet Pose Reader / Pose Deformer for Maya 2017 / Mac OS
Keywords : maya, plug-in, modeling, corrective shape, rigging, pose reader
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I needed recently to use the comet pose reader, but no way to find it compiled for maya2017 AND mac os (djx has a version, but only for windows. So I compiled it myself, and since it's always a bit tricky to find resources for mac os, I thought it worth sharing it =] Just be aware that I didn't really test it on maya2017, so use at your own risks. Finally, if you need the 2015 or 2016 version, let me know, I can still compile it for those versions if I have some time. Edit > I've added a maya2016.5 version to the same archive. And I'd also like to mention that ideally, one should no longer need the Comet Pose Reader plugin on the recent versions of maya ; the Pose Editor that Autodesk bought to Chad Vernon, already implemented in maya 2016.5, does a great job as a pose reader (provided that you keep in mind the terrible Undo bug ^^)


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